Reason Senior Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown Says Ron Paul Fans Are Not Real Libertarians

A senior editor at Reason Magazine recently made outlandish claims about fans of former Congressman Ron Paul. She first was responding to a tweet by Austin Petersen that said “Ron Paul libertarians prefer Trump.”

To that tweet, Elizabeth responded:

A whole lotta ‘Ron Paul libertarians’ were never libertarian in the first place.

This comment is bad enough. Brown’s gatekeeping isn’t even the worst of what she accused Ron Paul fans of being. She goes on to say:

Ron Paul brought libertarians a wave of racist dingbats who like liberty in only a few areas, from which we are still digging ourselves out. Good the f*** riddance.

It's one thing to disagree with the more conservative libertarians because they are not for open borders, but it is something else entirely to call them “racist dingbats”. This just further shows that Reason and the liberal Libertarians are a lost cause at this point. If all they can do is call constitutional minarchists and other liberty lovers like myself, racist then they are acting no better than the radical left.

She later added that her intent was not to refer to all fans of Ron Paul. Brown said:

You guys, a number of my colleagues & good friends came to libertarianism through Ron Paul. I never said anyone who did or does like him is a racist. But there’s a distinct segment of “Ron Paul libertarians” who’ve proven their true colors, before & after Trump

I’m not buying it. This sounds like backpedaling to me. If anything she should delete her tweets from earlier and apologize, but she has not done that as of yet.

I have been done with Libertarians for a while now. They have become intolerant of any ideas that go outside of the liberal side of libertarianism. We have seen it with the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen showing support for the racist authoritarian movement BLM and perpetuating the lie of systemic/institutional racism. I have done extensive research on that topic and there is no significant evidence of racism with the police or the justice system.

And forget about thinking of voting for Trump. Even if the only reason you are going to vote for him is to preserve some liberty, you will get hate. The liberal libertarians have as much Trump derangement syndrome as any radical leftist. They will call Trump a proto-authoritarian, and I am sure that they would not be opposed to calling Trump a Fascist.

We need to separate from the Libertarian Party and also separate from libertarians in general. They are not willing to fight for liberty. They might as well be a mouthpiece for the radical left with how they pander to them. Instead, let’s follow what Ron Paul did and run as whatever party we can win an election in. And vote for the most liberty-oriented candidate that can win. Why waste our vote hoping for a party who can’t even get close to winning elections on the state or local level, let alone the federal level. We have seen libertarians getting elected many times. Just not by the Libertarian Party. We can win elections now. Why wait for something that may never happen with LP, when we can make a change towards liberty now. Don’t vote for principles, vote for maximizing or preserving freedom.

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