The Problems with Jo Jorgensen & the Libertarian Party

In this article, I will be going through a list of reasons why you should not support the LP or Jo Jorgensen. First, they are not committed to obtaining liberty. The Libertarian party formed in late 1971. Since that time, the LP has had very limited success in getting candidates elected at the state or local level. And they have not had a single candidate win at the federal level. It has been almost 50 years, and they have done almost nothing for liberty. And don’t bring up how the Republican party was a third party. It is not a good comparison.

It took Republicans only 10 years to solidify its power as a major party. And it was able to get a significant portion of the popular vote in 2 years. Since then, there has not been a major party takeover. That is 170 years of stability for the two parties. The electoral college was designed so that more radical views could not win. Again, the LP has been around for nearly 50 years.

Libertarians like Rand and Ron Paul seem to have done more for liberty than the entire party has done in its enter existence. Why make your own party when you can just run in the Republican or Democrat party. It does not matter which of the two you are in; what matters is if you win. Libertarians can win, but their chances of winning are far greater within the two major parties. If the LP truly wanted to increase liberty or preserve it, they would not have formed their own party, but instead formed a faction like that of the Tea Party.

The second point is that they lie just as much as the main parties. The Libertarian party likes to say we Americans are bombing innocent brown people on purpose. But that is only partly true. The main reason why innocent people are killed is not because of malicious intent; rather because Muslim terrorists like to use children and women as shields. Now this does not mean you can’t be against wars we have no business being in. I myself do not support the wars in the Middle East. There are some instances of war crimes committed by the US military, but to act as if all or most of what the US did was just to kill innocent brown people is ludicrous.

The other major lie the LP likes to perpetuate is that America has a systemic racism problem and cops are indiscriminately shooting innocent black people. This lie has even less going for it. There is no significant evidence to show institutional racism in the government or the private sector of America towards minority groups. Liberal libertarians have also lied about individual people. Reason Magazine said Tom Cotton is an authoritarian despite having an 86% or higher approval from conservative libertarian organizations. The Magazine also said half-truths about the Vice Presidential Debates. Reason tried to claim that Joe Biden does not want to ban fracking at all, despite the fact that he supports getting rid of fossil fuels over time.

Now my third point is how the Libertarian Party is supporting abhorrent groups. Both the LP and Jo Jorgenson have shown support for the racist and authoritarian movement BLM. Although neither says they supported the riots, them supporting the movement is bad enough. The movement has constantly called for violence, reparations, affirmative action laws, and other authoritarian measures. You do not have to support BLM to believe that there needs to be legal and police reform.

The Last point I would like to bring up is Jo Jorgenson’s support for the firing of a woman who said “All Lives Matter” on her personal Facebook page. She was being interviewed about how companies are faster and better at getting rid of racism. And to explain her statement, she positively noted that:

There was a woman who on her private Facebook — this was highly publicized — her private Facebook put ‘All Lives Matter,’ and the company fired her

And what I’d like to make note of she wasn’t talking to or wasn’t tweeting a coworker, an employee, a customer, a client, anybody like that, and this was her private Facebook, not the company Facebook, and yet the company said ‘OK, we don’t tolerate that

She appears to be implying that the phrase is racist, and it is good that the woman was fired. The problem is that the phrase is not racist. From what I have seen, most people who say ALM are not racist. They just do not believe in the lie that America has a systemic racism problem. This includes many conservative libertarians who do not believe in America’s supposed systemic racism. To say that it was ok for that woman to be fired over saying ALM is outrageous. And it isn’t just Jo who has said things like this. In one of my previous articles, a senior editor of Reason magazine accused Ron Paul fans of being racist dingbats.

In conclusion, we the more conservative libertarians need to separate ourselves from the LP, Jo Jorgenson, Reason magazine, and other liberal libertarians. They do not have liberty in mind and do not care about us. It is time we actually make a difference, and instead of complaining about the system, we need to actually do what we know works.

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I am a Rationalist. I believe in limited government in both our lives and in our wallets.

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Alexander R. Outlaw

Alexander R. Outlaw

I am a Rationalist. I believe in limited government in both our lives and in our wallets.

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